1. Set up your phone/tablet/laptop and practice recording putts before your first match. Find a setup that will allow your opponent to see your full putt.
  2. If your putting mat doesn’t have distances marked on it by the manufacturer, have a measuring tape handy to prove distance. The minimum putting distance is 5 ft for putting mats with a ramp-hole and 6 ft for flat-hole mats. 7 ft putts are recommended.
  3. Have your putter and multiple golf balls ready to play!

Match Play Rules:

  1. Confirm the putting match format with your opponent. For example:
    • Decide who will start the match (e.g. sudden death)
    • Short games are best! Try out a best two-out-of-three series, with 3 putt matches.
  2. The winner is responsible for posting the scores immediately after the match ends.
  3. If multiple matches are played on the same call, post the total score as one match at the end of the call.

Helpful Hint: Maximize the view of your opponent by using the 3 dots above their video.